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Fiberglass Batting

Fiberglass Batting

Home Comfort is proud to partner with Owens Corning for our fiberglass batt products.


You get the Right Thickness in the Right Places

Fiberglass batts are the ideal insulation, since they will not burn, shrink or deteriorate. Available from Home Comfort in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, fiberglass can satisfy most of today’s increased requirements and code specifications.
With over 72 years of insulation experience right here in Central Illinois, we know how and where to tightly fit every piece for maximum results. Careful supervision assures top quality workmanship. Call Home Comfort now – you wont believe the good service and special values available.


Every Home Comfort job includes:

  • Plastic air chutes along vented eaves
  • Hand foam around windows and door cracks to stop air infiltration
  • Band joists between floors insulated
  • Polyethylene vapor retarder stapled over all unfaced materials


Kraft Faced Batts

Home Comfort’s extensive inventory includes Kraft faced fiberglass batts that are carefully fitted, cut as needed, and properly stapled in place.


Unfaced Fiberglass Batts

Home Comfort offers unfaced fiberglass batts that are carefully fitted, cut as needed, then covered in a polyethylene vapor barrier as needed.


Foam Seal for Windows, Door Cracks, and Utility Holes

Low density foam is installed around window and door jambs to stop air infiltration. Fire-block foam is used in utility penetrations in accordance with local building codes. Ask your Home Comfort sales representative for details.


Sound Attenuation

Home Comfort also offers multiple options for indoor sound control. From specially designed sound attenuation batts to a full blown in sound reduction system, Home Comfort has you covered.


Owens Corning QuietZone® Acoustic Batts with PureFiber® Technology are acoustically designed to control noise transmission between rooms, absorbing sound vibrations within the wall cavity to control noise in your home.They provide excellent in-place acoustical performance, and are as easy to install as regular insulation. Depending on the construction method used, QuietZone® acoustic batts can improve Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings by 4 to 10 decibels.


They’re ideal for home theaters, family rooms, home offices, kitchens, bedrooms and laundry rooms—wherever noise control is needed.

*Accepted acoustics standard is that a 10 dB increase doubles perceived sound and a 10 dB decrease halves it. QuietZone® offers a 6 dB increase in sound reduction, which equals a 30% decrease in perceived sound.


Owens Corning EcoTouch® insulation:

Delivers comfort – helps homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

  • Will reduce monthly heating and cooling costs for the life of the home
  • Offers Owens Corning’s exceptional thermal and acoustical performance

Sustainability Benefits:

  • Contains more than 99% natural ingredients*
  • Certified to include a minimum of 58% total recycled content **
  • Formaldehyde free

*Unfaced insulation made with a minimum of 99 percent by weight natural materials consisting of minerals and plant-based compounds.
**Certified by Scientific Certifications Systems to have a minimum of 58 percent recycled glass content with at least 36 percent post-consumer recycled and the balance pre-consumer recycled glass content.