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Our History

Albert Hunziker (1901-1971) raised their five children during the depression on a factory worker’s small income. Albert’s father, Adolph, an immigrant from Switzerland had trained him to be a hard working inventor so when they had no money for birthday and Christmas presents Albert manufactured them. Many of those survived the use of all five children and are now being used by his great-great grandchildren.


Using the same innovator spirit, Albert started Home Comfort Insulation in 1948. He loved people and wanted to better their lives by helping them save their energy dollars. After helping his employees get the job started he would go door to door and ask others if they wanted their houses insulated, too. Since many people were home during the day the truck was the best advertisement especially accompanied by his winning personality.

Albert and Al Smith together at Home Comfort Manufacturing in Princeville, IL invented the blowing wool that was installed and also the chute vents used to ventilate the attic space that were designed by Dale. Home Comfort Products later was totally owned by the Smith family.


Melvin Plattner, Albert’s son in law joined the company in 1959 and was an insulation professional working and training many installers until his retirement in 1990.


Dale Hunziker (1928-2006), Albert’s oldest son, was living in Indiana with his family and employed as the advertising manager of the Hammond Times Newspaper. In 1961, his father asked him to come back to Peoria to help with the management of Home Comfort since he was getting older and wanted to sell his business to his family. Dale said he would return with one stipulation, the van truck which was beige and brown with the name in small red print would need to be changed for much bolder advertising. He sketched the design and chose bright red-orange and teal incorporating a character of his stocky dad holding the blow-hose. The last advertising campaign he designed was our Spray Foam division “Get a Real Seal” using a character of a Seal holding the spray gun hose. Although the original colors have been retired our Home Comfort truck advertising designs have been easily recognizable in Central Illinois since 1961.


Dale purchased the company in 1968 and in 1969 Albert had a stroke that would prevent him from working again.
Dale’s passion for sells, marketing and insulation innovation was astounding. He was an avid reader and was always on the cutting edge of any new technology in all areas.


In 1975, Dale’s oldest daughter’s husband, Steven Schmidgall joined the team. Being raised on the farm he was able to accomplish and execute any technique of new insulation technology Dale wanted to explore. They were an unstoppable team and in 1987, Steven purchased the company and customer service was his specialty.


In 1999, Steven’s son, Hans Schmidgall and son in law Steve LaFont started working in the business full time. Hans has the ability to build or rebuild all kinds of equipment including the delicate spray foam equipment that needs much attention. Like his Father he also has the ability to execute almost anything insulation technology has to offer. Steve’s passion is sales, marketing and new insulation technology.


In 2013, Hans and Steve agreed to purchase Home Comfort and together their passion is to provide their customers with the most energy efficient cutting edge insulation technology available for any new or existing building construction.They are the fourth generation of our family to own and personally manage Home Comfort Insulation.

Our family has been trustworthy, honest and dependable for all of Central Illinois insulation needs for 72 years. Allow us to stretch your energy dollar and experience the difference. Our family is committed to making you comfortable while preserving the environment for our children.