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7 Ways to Fight Off the Cold

While it seems like most of the worst weather is behind us, there are still colder days we must endure. To counteract the chill of winter, there are a few things you can do around the house to create a warmer environment. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you’ll save a little extra on your heating bill.


Let Your Light Shine In

The best heat is all-natural, provided by the sun. If the sun is out, open your curtains to let the light in. However, once night hits, make sure you close those curtains. While daylight brings the heat, the night brings cooler temperatures. Your curtains can help prevent the cold from seeping in.


Change Up Your Room

Placement of furniture can have a significant effect on the heating of your home, especially if you have a recliner or couch sitting near or over a vent. While this may be the warmest seat in the house, it deprives the rest of your home from heat. Make sure your vents are open, and there aren’t any obstructions that can absorb heat.


Get Cooking

During the coldest nights, prepare food on your stove. Just boiling water will help the temperature of your home rise. Although, don’t turn on your stove without having something to cook, as this can be a severe fire hazard. Also, if preparing something in your oven, keep the door open after you take your meal out (don’t do this if you have pets or young children).


Bond with Loved Ones

Some of your best bonding time can be done while it’s cold outside. The best part is, it can help you stay warm too! Snuggle up close with your spouse or kids under a blanket and share body heat. You can use this time to catch up on your favorite shows or movies. And don’t forget about your pets! They’re great snuggle buddies as well.


Snug as a Rug

It may seem hard to keep your feet warm in rooms with tiles and hardwood flooring. More than wearing socks, you can try placing rugs around your home. Rugs and carpets are a great way to help keep you feeling comfy in rooms that otherwise have a harder time holding heat.


Utilize (or Plug) Your Fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, this offers two different opportunities to help heat your home. The first, and more obvious, is to use your fireplace. The second reason may seem less obvious, but if you aren’t using your fireplace, plug it up. Some products can close your fireplace and prevent heat from escaping your house.


Update Your Insulation

If you’ve taken all these extra measures to warm up your home, but still feel cold, it may be time to inspect how well your home holds air and update your insulation. For a complete assessment of your house and the best insulation services in the Central Illinois area, trust the professionals at Home Comfort Insulation. We’ve been adding comfort to homes for over 70 years. Call us today at 309-243-1133. Also, we are located at 3110 W. Alta Ln., Peoria, IL 61615.