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Do You Need New Insulation?

Winter has come, and it’s finally time to kick your heater on. But after you’ve raised your thermostat to a comfortable temperature, you’re still cold in your house. What gives? If you know it’s not your heating system or you haven’t caught a cold already, it may be time to investigate your insulation. Thankfully, there are signs that help you determine if your insulation needs to be replaced.


Drafts Throughout Your Home

It’s strange to feel the wind blow while sitting on your couch. In fact, that isn’t something that should happen, unless your insulation has gone bad. If your home has a draft blowing throughout it on windy days, it means the insulation in your walls has deteriorated to the point that it can no longer block the air outside.


Rising Utility Bill Costs

Have you started to notice your energy bill going up and up? That could be due to your insulation. If your insulation is not properly sealing your house, the air from the inside escapes. This causes your HVAC system to work overtime in order to keep a consistent temperature. Hence, the high energy bills.


Stains on the Ceiling or Walls

Improper insulation can let moisture take hold in your attic and walls. The sitting moisture will eventually cause noticeable water damage to your home. Additionally, moisture in your insulation can further harm it. Wet insulation is practically useless, and dangerous as well, releasing harmful mycotoxins in the air.


Other Assorted Issues

Problems related to rodents and leaks can also harm your insulation. Animal droppings will make insulation less effective. As well, a leaky roof will lead to wet insulation, which will also lead to previously said issues, potential mold and bad odors.


Older Homes

Maybe you haven’t noticed these issues in your house just yet, but they are bound to start if you have an older home. If your insulation hasn’t been maintained for several years, it will naturally begin to break down and become less effective. If you aren’t sure how old your insulation is, insulation experts can run an energy assessment on your home to determine if your insulation is “up to snuff.”


Solve Your Insulation Problems Today!

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