Home Comfort Insulation serves the Galesburg IL area for all of your home insulation needs!


Centered in Western Illinois, Galesburg IL is a pillar of excellence and growth! New homes are popping up all over the Galebsurg IL area and beautifully maintained homes are dispersed throughout as well.

galesburgWhat can Home Comfort Insulation do to preserve these homes and keep homeowners happy?


Home Comfort Insulation will assess for leaks in new structures and currently owned homes. 


We perform tests on your home to determine where and how air is

escaping. This will allow us to solve current issues and prevent future

loss of money and comfort in your home.


Home Comfort Insulation will use energy-conservative materials and processes for best results.


Our goal, in partnership with the ActOn Energy Initiative is to conserve energy for the planet, your community, and you, the homeowner.


We promote and provide several different varieties of insulation to suit the needs of your home. Browse the following links for more information on what Home Comfort offers:




Home Comfort Insulation will save on costs for YOU by providing budget-friendly service AND reducing your energy bill


We believe that energy conservation and thorough service do NOT have to break the bank!

Let Home Comfort restore your faith in quality work and incomparable results at a comfortable price-point.

Part of meeting the needs of our Galesburg IL customers is making your money work for you!

Home Comfort Insulation will keep you comfortable in every season by weather-proofing your home with ease and excellence! 


Our insulation options will keep your home warm and cozy through all of the unpredictable winter months, dry and clean through the rainy season, and refreshingly cool in summer by insulating every last air leak in a way that is customized for you!



Don’t forget to check out our options for INDUSTRIAL and AGRICULTURAL buildings in the Galesburg IL area!